TYSA INC. is a leading producer of Dust Filtration/Collection supplies, serving the world market. Whether you are looking for a dust collector bag for your blast cabinet, or a dust collector sock to contain hazardous material from escaping into the environment, TYSA is the first place you should turn to for your media containment needs.

TYSA INC.specializes in producing bags for dust collection and industry use. We can, and have, produced bags for just about any application. But our product line is not limited to just that. At TYSA, we have put our materials and filtration/containment expertise into a wide range of specialized areas including vacuum bags, blast enclosures, blast cabinets, cement plants, industrial factories - basically any field which calls for air purification. Our constant quality control programs provide products that can be purchased and used with assurance in this critical field. And with our unparalleled custom fabrication services, rest assured that TYSA can help you get the job done quicker, cleaner, and more efficiently.